Church of Tzaddi

Experiencing the infinite, loving, co-creative presence of the Divine

5. Beliefs Min

Caring Lesson 5. Beliefs

Summary of skill

  • As spiritual beings, we experience life through our awareness
  • Our awareness is like a spark of light, our Divine birthright
  • Our awareness is “encased” in the sheaths of our physical, emotional, and mental bodies
  • Our mental bodies are made up of our beliefs and thoughtforms, those that we consciously choose, and those that we inhabit as part of a family, a tribe, a community, a culture, and so forth
  • These beliefs are like filters that block perception of the clear light, and, they are often extraordinarily hard to dissolve or “get out of” in order to have an unblocked, clear view on what is happening to us or to people around us
  • No belief is holy in its own right; all are, in the biggest picture view, simply structures of energy that serve a purpose in our incarnations
  • We need some beliefs/structures in order to be able to interact socially with other people and function in 3D reality, so the goal is not to exterminate them completely, but, to be able to be more at choice and in greater self/Self-awareness about how we are encased, and to have the ability to step out of or beyond these filters at will, in order to bring more spiritual love, light, and flow to our spiritual journey and to the spiritual journeys of those whom we serve when we so choose


  • Reflection and journaling:
    • Which beliefs are your sacred cows?
    • What might happen if these things you are certain are “true” turn out not to be true?
  • Discussion: review Preparing Your Energy HC & Active Compassionate Listening HC skills from Partnering class
  • Partner exercise
    • Practitioner prepares energy
    • Practitioner greets client
    • Client fills out registration forms
    • Client presents issue
    • Practitioner prepares energy
    • Practitioner offers transmission, drawing on earlier trainings/in the ways most natural for the practitioner
    • Practitioner closes the vortex
    • Practitioner checks in with client
    • Take a break
    • Write up your experiences as client and write up your experiences as facilitator, using the Practicum form (download it using the link below)
    • Switch roles and repeat the exercise

Resources for reflection & discussion

  • Swami Rama, Freedom from the Bondage of Karma, pp. 12 -15, 26 – 27, 32 – 33, 42 – 45, 48 – 51
  • Amy Skezas, Core 004Mystical & Metaphysical Spiritual Direction, pp. 2 – 4, “Vibration, Awareness, Consciousness, & Flow”