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6. Discernment Min

Caring Lesson 6. Discernment

Summary of skill

  • Discernment comes from the Latin meaning “to separate” or “to distinguish between”
  • Discernment is a part of building consciousness
  • When we are less conscious, we are less able to discern, and when we are more conscious, we are more able to discern
  • When we are less able to discern, it may seem as if things “just happen” to us, or, we may perceive things more monolithically; when we are more able to discern, it may be easier to break things down into next practical steps and to assess our next choices in navigating the spiritual journey
  • Energy level: discernment is a disentangling of your emotional and mental bodies, and, within the mental body, creating greater precision and clarity; discernment is a state of energy that can be created at will, rather than something we are “born with” or “luck into”
  • We can learn to generate a higher light to illuminate our incarnated beings using Light Body or other higher vibrational energies, including connecting with a higher vibrational spiritual teacher or guide


  • Reflection and journaling:
    • A. What parts of you/in what areas of life are you skilled at discerning? (For example, are you a “good shopper”? Emotionally intelligent? A great softball pitcher? “Just naturally able” to help someone heal? etc.)
    • B. What parts of you/ in what areas of life are you not skilled at discerning? (For example, “I tend to overeat when I am anxious”)
    • C. In the area of discernment, on your spiritual path
      • i. What is next for you to learn?
      • ii. What is next for the people you serve?
      • iii. How does this fit in with the needs of
        • a. Your community?
        •  b. The planet?

Resources for reflection & discussion

  • Core Lesson 003, Amy Skezas, Intention, Manifesting, & Spiritual Growth, pp. 1 – 5, pp. 7 – 8, “Introduction,” “Invocation,” “Observation,” “Awareness,” “Guides of Light