Church of Tzaddi

Experiencing the infinite, loving, co-creative presence of the Divine

No Time, No Space

Our inter-spiritual metaphysical philosophy is that the visible, physical world reflects an inner world of dynamic spiritual energy, sometimes known as the spirit planes of light, also known as the inner planes. While this inner world is invisible to someone in an ordinary or everyday state of consciousness, some clairvoyants can see some of this “invisible” energy, and some intuitives can perceive it through the high sense perception of direct knowing. Developing our psychic and spiritual gifts allows us to more directly and fully perceive and experience the inner world.

The outer world reflects what the inner world creates. The Hermetic philosophical principle upon which this idea is based is “As above, so below.” This creation process begins long before we are able to see something come into physical manifestation. This understanding is the basis of spiritual healing, and many other spiritual forms of service. Each different kingdom or type of beings (humans, angels, nature spirits, etc.) is part of the symphony of co-creation on Earth that produces our shared “reality.” Each type of being has particular spiritual gifts and tasks in this co-creation. As human beings, we are blessed with awareness, thought, imagination, visualization, and free will. We can use these gifts to penetrate the veils of illusion and perceive the Divine light in ourselves, in other people, and in the world around us.

Upon entering this inner world, some people experience it as if they are swimming in a sea of light; some, as if they are in a parallel universe; some, as if they are bathed in great peace; some, as a deep quiet; some, as if they are able to travel in vast infinity made of planes of light; and some experience the inner world of light in different ways. We call all these kinds of subtle energy perception “entering the inner planes.”

We believe that when we enter the inner planes we can connect with an eternal, life-giving, all-embracing, unconditionally loving Force that is the Source of all our beings. Forgiveness is easier; we may “meet” deceased loved ones who have messages for us; we may “journey” to high realms of light, such as Shamballa, or the Temple of the Masters, or other worlds, to pursue our learning as spirits.

Time runs differently in these dimensions of higher spiritual reality. We can close our eyes and have a ten minute meditation with experiences that seemed to span an entire lifetime (time speeding up); or with experiences that seem to be a part of one moment that simply keeps expanding (time slowing down); or with experiences that seem to transcend or leave linear time altogether.

Similarly, physical, geographic distances can disappear or become irrelevant when we merge our awareness with the inner planes of light. This is why long-distance spiritual healing works even when the healer and the client are separated by thousands of miles: because in the space of inner planes connection where the healer places awareness, there is no separation. This truth of inner planes reality—no time, no space—means that our spiritual metaphysical organization can offer you the opportunity to join in celebrations of light from wherever you live, wherever you are, in time and space.

When we gather together on the inner planes, to a certain extent we slip out of our personal stories and dramas. We first connect within ourselves with our true spiritual selves—the part of us that goes beyond this life, that is more light-filled, more connected with Source, more wise and powerful than our everyday personality self. We then extend our awareness to “find” or “allow ourselves to be drawn to” others who have expanded their awareness and who are vibrating at this higher energy level. It is joyous to connect deeply across time and space as human beings of light. We can become more light-filled in our everyday lives through this inner planes connection and communion with one another.

Imagine that inside your physical, emotional, and mental bodies, you have a spark of light that is your Divine birthright. Imagine that when you center yourself and deliberately enter into an expanded state of higher consciousness, this spark begins to glow more visibly, and peace radiates from your heart throughout your entire body. The light begins to illuminate your thoughts so that the stream of energy of your higher mind can be more easily received by, and understood by, your human mind.

Now imagine that when you ignite greater illumination and flow, and open to greater awareness of Divine love, the ripples, waves, and streams of light that begin within your own “individual self” begin to spill out onto the inner planes. Just as water finds its own level, your greater flow knows how to seek out and connect with other such flows.

Even if you have never met in person, your energy field is joining with other peoples’ energy fields, and together we are creating a note of harmony, like angels singing. We do this by each taking care to center and focus ourselves, and then intending to join together.