Church of Tzaddi

Experiencing the infinite, loving, co-creative presence of the Divine

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is reflected in the inspirational message from one of our ministers, below. You can also find it formally codified in

The theme of today’s healing is: “The Human Body and the Limitless Self.”
Spread out across time and space, the limitless self makes itself available to you in moments when you least expect it. A slight shift in awareness, perception or knowing will bring you in contact with the part of you that is identical in vibration with the universal self, the infinite  field of consciousness.
Although your limitless self is not bound by the confines of your physicality, it is realized and expressed though the vehicle of your human body.
You may walk the earth in this body hoping for joy, health, and fulfillment. Yet, you are likely to encounter some pain, struggle, and suffering which are also a part of your human experience.
Your mental, emotional, and physical bodies are designed to embrace these polarities. Fortunately, they are also designed to hold the light of pure consciousness within the fabric of their structures. So, if your path in this lifetime involves a yearning to know your true self and a longing for personal enlightenment, it is important to know that you do not have to search outside of your human body to find it.
You need your mind to translate pure consciousness into conscious awareness. You need your emotions so you can feel your way to the truth. And you need your physical body to provide a container for consciousness on the earth.
The universe asks that you not try to eradicate the parts of you that are uncomfortable and challenging, because they are a part of the package that is your humanness. Your body is simply waiting for you to ‘realize’ the presence of Divinity within all of its aspects.
You have come to Earth to be resilient, to manage all of the obstacles and challenges on your path, while allowing and participating in the flow of life in every moment.
– Rev. Nancy Reuben, M.D. From her September 2014 healing transmission