Church of Tzaddi

Experiencing the infinite, loving, co-creative presence of the Divine

11. Rites & Sacraments Min

Caring Lesson 11. Rites & Sacraments

Summary of skill

  • Artfully conduct sacred rites/ceremonies with inter-spiritual ritual and ceremony for individuals, families, and communities
  • Hold the space/be present with the sacred passage involved for the journey of souls (the inner) as you conduct the ceremony in 3D reality (the outer)
  • When appropriate, administer sacraments


  • Discussion:Sacred rites and ceremonies mark important life moments for the celebrant and often, for family and community. Some rites, such as weddings and funerals, mark fairly universally culturally acknowledged transitions such as marriage and death. Some rites are more particular to various cultures, such as baptism for Christians, or Bar or Bat Mitzvah for Jews. Some rites are more religious in nature and some can be adopted easily for inter-spiritual circumstances. As you are in the field doing your work and you encounter people with beliefs that are slightly or widely varying from your beliefs, you may find that you benefit from some inner preparation before you perform their rites.
  • Partner exercise: Administer a sacrament: offer a blessing, with your partner from the Reconciliation Exercise

Resources for reflection & discussion

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