Church of Tzaddi

Experiencing the infinite, loving, co-creative presence of the Divine

Core Curriculum

To enter the Tzaddi Ordination Programs, you file an application to enroll and pay a $100 nonrefundable application fee. After you accepted, you are assigned a Vocational Counselor to support you in the program, and you begin with the 100 Hour Core Curriculum, the “reading” part of your program, which:

  • Provides orientation to our ordination programs’basic philosophy of the spiritual path and spiritual service
  • Gives common ground to new students, returning students, and students from different teachers and communities and
  • Incorporates approaches from psychology, supervision, conflict resolution, and leadership training to support and complement our faith tradition’s emphasis on the mystical, revelatory aspects of spirituality

Tuition for the Core Program is $875, payable in five (5) installments of $175 each on the schedule below. Once you have completed the Core requirements, you move on to the Vocational Expression program level, Spiritual Healer CounselorMinister, or Doctor of Ministry. If you later return to do another Vocational Expression level program, you do not repeat Core; it’s a one-time requirement.

The educational goals for you in the Core program are:

  • Understand the history, philosophy, and practices of our faith tradition
  • Reflect upon personal vocation
  • Reflect upon the nature, purposes, and methods of our basic practices
  • Develop awareness of co-creative reality
  • Develop foundational awareness for sound professional development
  • Continue spiritual growth and maturation

The Core Curriculum is organized into five areas. We suggest you begin attending monthly Spirit Gathering teleconferences as soon as you enroll, if you do not already attend them; this way you can be accumulating your required number of Gatherings as you proceed with the other curriculum.

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