Church of Tzaddi

Experiencing the infinite, loving, co-creative presence of the Divine

4. Preparing Your Energy HC

Partnering Lesson 4. Preparing Your Energy

Summary of skill

  • Bring forward your previous trainings & experience in energy and spiritual healing into this Partnering framework
  • As a yogi of awareness, consciously arrange your energy to be the clearest and most appropriate channel of spiritual love, light, and flow that you can be
    • Empty your mind
    • Open your heart
    • Join the flow


  • Guided or self-led meditation
    • Practice self-awareness
    • Enhance your yogic abilities to manage your own energy
    • At will, groom your energy to prepare for a shift of your seat of perception to the inner reality of higher vibrational being
    • Enter the psychic, subtle, causal, and/or non-dual realms of consciousness in alignment and connection with divine flow

Resources for reflection & discussion

  • Stephen Mitchell, trans. Tao Te Ching, poem #16
  • Andrew Harvey, ed., The Essential Mystic, pp. 8 – 11, Black Elk “The Eye of My Heart” & traditional Native American prayer, ”Let Me Walk in Beauty”
  • Core Lesson 003, Amy Skezas, Intention, Manifesting, & Spiritual Growth,pp. 4 – 5 “Observation” & “Awareness”
  • Core Lesson 004, Amy Skezas, Mystical & Metaphysical Spiritual Direction, pp. 17 – 19, Note 6 “Fields, Streams, Rivers, and Vortexes” and pp. 9 – 14 “Amy’s Stick Man Model: Preparing Yourself to Work Clearly”