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5. Registering Clients HC

Partnering Lesson 5. Registering Clients

Summary of skill

  • Setting up good office procedures for your spiritual transformational work


  • Discussion about informed consent and paperwork—Sample Registration Forms (download using the link below)
  • Partner exercise
  • Take the roles of client and practitioner
  • Practitioner discuss and provide registration forms Confidential Registration Healing, Consent to Care/Waiver of Liability, and Waiver of Confidentiality/Consent to Release of Information
  • Switch roles.

Resources for reflection & discussion

  • Core Lesson 007, Amy Skezas, Private Practice Business Management for Spiritual Helping Professionals, pp. 12 – 19 “Sample Office Forms”
  • Registration forms and other helpful information: Randolph K. Sanders, Ed., Christian Counseling Ethics: A Handbook for Therapists, Pastors, & Counselors (Downers Grove, Illinois: InterVarsity Press, 1997), Appendix C.