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6. Offering Transmission HC

Partnering Lesson 6. Offering Transmission

Summary of skill

  • Bring forward your previous trainings & experience in energy and spiritual healing into this partnering framework
  • Channeling higher vibrational energy for use in spiritual healing/transformational shifts
  • Reflecting on your experience
  • Documenting your experience on Practicum Form


  • Discussion about spiritual healing/transformational shifts
  • Partner exercise
    • Practitioner prepares energy
    • Practitioner greets client
    • Client fills out registration forms
    • Client presents issue
    • Practitioner prepares energy
    • Practitioner offers transmission, drawing on earlier trainings/in the ways most natural for the practitioner
    • Practitioner closes the vortex
    • Practitioner checks in with client
    • Take a break
    • Write up your experiences as client and write up your experiences as facilitator, using the Practicum form (download it using the link below)
    • Switch roles and repeat the exercise

Resources for reflection & discussion

  • Amy (Kees) Johnson & Dorothe Blackmere, Developing Spiritually Vol. 1, Lesson #13, “Healing”
  • Core Lesson 004, Amy Skezas Metaphysical Spiritual Direction pp. 2 – 4, “Vibration, Awareness, Consciousness, & Flow”
  • Core Lesson 005, Amy Skezas, Offering Spiritual Healing pp. 1 – 6, “Introduction,” “What is Spiritual Healing,” “Tzaddi Lineage of Healing,” “Light the Divine Light,” “Invitation to Provide Care,” “Protocol for Hollow Bone Healing”
  • Nancy Reuben, audio file Transmission of Light
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