Church of Tzaddi

Experiencing the infinite, loving, co-creative presence of the Divine

8. Curiosity HC

Partnering Lesson 8. Curiosity

Summary of skill

  • Generating curiosity
    • Energy skill—mental fluidity, openness
    • Personality attitude
    • Body language
    • Walking your talk of spiritual light in the mental body


  • Discussion: Curiosity in many ways is the “opposite” of judgment; it’s a state of knowing you do not know, and wanting to know more. Curiosity can be cultivated with “What if?” and other such open-ended questions.

    Judgments are rigid loops of emotional and mental body energies that have become entangled, and that “play” repeatedly when you are stimulated a certain way, usually emotionally. Sensed as energy with the psychic or subtle energy perceptions, judgments and other such entanglements can appear as cages or prisons within which we live our lives, until we don’t need them anymore, and we experience greater freedom to perceive things as they actually are, rather than as we judge them to be. Judgment gets in the way of clear perception and curiosity. While we all have judgments of which we may be unaware, we can start to clear our perceptual field by working with the judgments of which we are currently aware. Often, judgment is connected with blame.

  • Notice: body sensations; body language; how are you feeling? How are you judging? Being connected with yourself as a feedback source.

    Wholeness/split: There are different parts of yourself, some more judgmental than others. Sub-personalities; soul retrieval; dissociation; PTSD; lots of names for the idea of “not whole and fully present.” It’s okay that you are this way; you are human; it’s part of why you are here, for fulfillment and healing of these parts, and your spiritual healing and counseling will bring you face-to-face with parts in yourself that are longing at a deep level to be brought into your more open possibility of being, and included.

  • Partner Exercise: What parts of you are judgmental? When they come up, how do you receive them? What did you learn about judgment as a child? Whose non-judgment inspires you? What gets you into a non-judgmental frame of being?

Resources for reflection & discussion

  • Marshall Rosenberg, Nonviolent Communication